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Our Baby Sleep Training DIY program costs 75% less than hiring a consultant to achieve the same results. Why pay more when you can achieve the same for less?

As Australia’s top rated Baby Sleep Consultant, I’ve transformed my 22+ years of experience into an easy online DIY program that gets amazing results, fast!

I will teach you exactly what to do in under 1 hour!

As Australia’s top rated Baby Sleep Consultant, I’ve transformed my 22+ years of experience into an easy online DIY program that works!

Wondering if this program is suitable for your baby?

For Babies 4 Months - 3 Years

Your baby will:

(10 hours)!

Take consistent naps totalling 1-3 hours of daytime sleep!

Fall asleep within 20 minutes independently!

... and you can:

Choose a method tailored to your parenting style, gentle hands-on to fast results!

Have clear and effective steps that actually work, and at your own pace!

ENJOY your evenings while your baby gets the sleep they need to feel rested and happy!

Hear from happy & rested parents:

600+ 5 star reviews!

How it works

Listen to short
audio clips

Jennifer walks you through exactly what to do, step-by-step in under 1 hour.

Choose your preferred
training method

From slower and more gentle ​to the fastest results

Ask questions,

Get instant answers from BabySleepBot™ - an AI chatbot trained by Jennifer!

For a limited time only, a bonus gift!

Jennifer will assess your specific situation and provide you with personalised recommendations to help fast-track your success!

...and of course, BabySleepBot™

Introducing BabySleepBot™, a state-of-the-art AI chatbot trained by Jennifer! It’s your go-to for answering any questions about the progam instantly, even through the night!

How do I extend daytime naps?

Can I go out with my baby after sleep training?

What happens when my baby is unwell or teething?

How can I help my baby sleep better when we travel?

How do I drop overnight feeds?

....and so much more!

“It’s like having Jennifer in your pocket 24/7!”

No other baby sleep program can match what we have in ours

Short Audio Clips

Tailored for the sleep-deprived in mind, the audio clips are bite-sized and easy to understand! You will gain essential knowledge to transform your baby’s sleeping patterns.

Personalised Training

You are empowered to select a sleep training approach that fits your parenting beliefs. Jennifer offers instructions on implementing it gently to minimise stress for your baby.

Companion Guide

A short and accessible document accompanies the recordings, providing you with valuable insights and tips for effective implementation, and helps you understand what to expect in the sleep training.

Decode your baby’s tired cues, conquer nighttime wake-ups, tackle short naps, overcome regressions, navigate those challenging days when your little one is unwell and know how to get back on track once they are feeling 100% again.
Customised Routines
Unlock the secrets to perfect sleep timing by recognising your baby’s unique tired signs. Jennifer’s routines guide you from four months to three years, allowing you to adapt them to your baby’s individual needs.
Results can be achieved within just three weeks (often sooner). However, recognising life’s potential disruptions, to accommodate any unexpected obstacles, you’ll have access to the program for a 60-day period.

“It’s like having Jennifer in your pocket 24/7, even through the night!”

Meet your sleep expert, Jennifer Duff!

"When all you focus on is baby sleep, you learn exactly what it takes to get successful night’s sleep!"

Australia’s leading baby sleep consultant

22+ years of experience and proven track record helping thousands of families teach their babies to sleep through the night consistently! Jennifer is also certified as a professional Children's Sleep Specialist, Maternity Practitioner and Doula.

Unique Career

Living-in with families around the world, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! Many of the toughest cases, different babies' personalities and parenting styles enabled Jennifer to gain vital expertise on teaching the art of peaceful sleep from the ground up!

Tailored Programs

Recognising that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, Jennifer has developed flexible programs tailored to different parenting styles and babies' individual personalities and sleep needs. Clients often find her guidance contrary to pre-set templates they’ve learned elsewhere.

No Strict Wake Windows or Complicated Routines

Jennifer’s programs stand out by avoiding rigid wake windows and complex routines. Instead, you’ll learn to focus purely on your baby to understand their unique sleep needs without the guesswork.

600+ 5 star reviews!

Don’t miss this opportunity for peaceful nights and restful naps! A single session with a baby sleep consultant costs between $800 and $1200!

Get results, at your own pace for just

(one-off payment)

Don’t miss this opportunity for peaceful nights and restful naps! A single session with a baby sleep consultant costs between $800 and $1200!

Get amazing results, at your own pace for just
(one-off payment)

Our program is more affordable than hiring a baby sleep consultant

Don’t miss this opportunity for peaceful nights and restful naps for both you and your little one. Join the program and transform your baby’s sleep today!
(one off payment)

What we will cover:
Short clips of just 1-3 mins each!

Why isn’t my baby is sleeping?

Will my baby cry?

Undersatanding Naps

Jennifer's "Golden Rules"

Leadup to bedtime

How to tell when your baby is tired

Bedroom routine

What method should I use?

Feeding to sleep

Rocking/holding to sleep

The dummy


Re-settling for naps

Recap of key learning

What we will cover:
Short clips of just
1-3 mins each!

Why isn’t my baby is sleeping?

Will my baby cry?

Understanding Naps

Jennifers "Golden Rules"

Leadup to bedtime

How to tell when your baby is tired

Bedroom routine

What method should I use?

Feeding to sleep

Rocking/holding to sleep

The dummy


Re-settling for naps

Recap of key learning


Frequently Asked Questions

This program is designed for babies aged 4 months to 3 years. It is most effective for healthy babies that have reached at least 16 weeks (corrected) of age, weigh at least 6 kilograms, and are developmentally on track.

Yes you can, and there’s nothing better than the gift of sleep! 😊

Gifting BabySleepBot to someone is really easy:

If you have not joined the program yourself:
1. Sign up/create an account (free)
2. During the payment step, simply select ‘This is a gift‘ option, enter the recipient’s details (and a personalised message if you wish) and follow the steps from there. Apply a coupon if you have one, otherwise complete payment. The recipient will receive a welcome email with access to BabySleepBot and voila, just like that, more sleeping, happy families!

If you have already joined the program yourself:
Simply ask BabySleepBot chatbot something like “how can I gift this program?” and follow the link provided.

Absolutely! This program is specifically tailored for babies who still require two overnight feedings, as well as for babies who are at an age where they can comfortably eliminate all overnight feedings. Jennifer will guide you on teaching your little one to sleep for 10+ hours a night while also ensuring they sleep well outside of any feed times. If your baby is over 6 months old, weighs over 8 kilograms, and is fully established on solids, you have the option to teach them how to sleep through the night without needing any overnight feeds. The program provides guidance for both scenarios, allowing you to choose the approach that suits your baby’s developmental stage and your preferences.

Yes! You are Jennifer’s favourite client. She thrives on difficult cases.

When Jennifer learns that a client has exhausted all avenues in attempting to instil healthy sleep habits in their baby, and yet nothing has yielded results, it is usually just because the approach was not tailored to your baby’s unique sleep needs or the methods were not implemented consistently. Through this program, Jennifer guides you in understanding and addressing your baby’s distinct sleep requirements. She won’t ask you to strictly adhere to rigid wake windows or force sleep upon your baby. Instead, she will guide you through a personalised approach that considers your baby’s specific needs and helps you develop strategies that work for your family. This program aims to empower you to be finely attuned to your baby’s sleep requirements, helping you to understand when is the best time to put your baby to sleep. Alternatively, if you would prefer to work more closely with Jennifer, the Remote Program presents an excellent option. This option delivers daily support and communication over a span of 2 – 3 weeks, providing guidance and assistance during the most challenging phases of sleep training.

Yes, for optimal results, it is important to have your baby sleep in a cot that adheres to the REDNOSE guidelines. The program is specifically designed to support babies who are sleeping in cots. If your baby has transitioned to a bed, this particular program may not be suitable. In such cases, it is recommended to contact Jennifer to discuss alternative programs that would best suit your baby’s sleep needs.

If you have an active lifestyle and enjoy being out and about during the day, that can still be accommodated within the sleep training process. Many families need flexibility and the program allows for teaching your baby to sleep in various settings such as the car, pram, or carrier. These options can be incorporated into the program to suit your needs. However, it is recommended that you avoid planning any overnight trips or holidays for at least 14 days after starting the program. This will allow you and your baby to focus on establishing a consistent sleep routine without disruptions. By dedicating this initial period to the program, you increase the chances of success and create a solid foundation for your baby’s improved sleep habits. Once your baby learns how to sleep well at home, Jennifer can give you many tips on how help your baby sleep well when in a different environment.

While Jennifer has had success in working with babies who have had medical conditions such as eczema, food intolerances and reflux, it’s important to note that this program is not specifically designed for babies with medical conditions or special needs. These cases require specialised and personalised care to address the unique challenges they present. Therefore, Jennifer recommends her Remote Program, which allows for constant monitoring of your baby throughout the sleep training process. In fact, over 80% of clients with medical conditions have experienced significant improvements in their baby’s sleep under Jennifer’s guidance. If your baby has a medical condition or special needs and you wish to work with Jennifer, it is advisable to fill out this questionnaire. Based on the information provided, Jennifer will assess your situation and may request a letter from your healthcare provider confirming that your baby is developmentally ready to participate in behavioural sleep training techniques. Once the questionnaire is submitted, Jennifer will personally reach out to you to discuss the best course of action and provide the necessary support.

Absolutely! Nutrition plays a crucial role in sleep training. The timing and balance of milk feeds and solids throughout the day can significantly impact your baby’s sleep. If your baby isn’t consuming the appropriate amounts of milk or solids during the daytime, it can result in frequent night waking. Conversely, if your baby is consuming excessive amounts of food at night, they may have less appetite during the day and wake at night expecting to be fed. It can often be a chicken-or-egg scenario. If a baby does not sleep well it can affect their feeding, and if a baby does not feed/eat well it can affect their sleep. Your baby needs a certain amount of sustenance during the day. If they eat more during the night, chances are they won’t eat more in the day, and if they don’t eat more during the day, they need it at night. So, sometimes a baby really does feel hungry at night but it doesn’t mean they can’t go all night without a feeding, it simply means they need to re-adjust how much they’re eating during the day. 

Once your baby is over 6 months of age, 7.5-8kgs and is on 3 solid meals, the idea is to gently help them eat more in the day so you can drop the overnight feeds (if that’s your goal). Of course, if you want to keep a feed and still teach your baby how to sleep 10+ hours, you can also do that. Jennifer provides routines and guidance on finding the optimal feeding schedule for your baby, considering their age, weight, and individual needs.

While every family’s situation is unique, there are positive changes that happen relatively quickly when you implement the program in the systematic way Jennifer recommends. Many families see significant improvements within the first week, and in some cases, even sooner! It’s important to note that the timeline for seeing improvements may vary depending on your specific circumstances, your baby’s individual needs, the sleep training method you choose and how fast you decide to move through the program. When the program is completed in a systematic way, 80-90% of families have their baby sleeping through the night within the two – three week mark (some luckier families within one – three days).

For more of an understanding of what to expect in the three weeks see here:

There are four learning stages that your baby will go through during the training.


  • 1st stage is self-settling (usually happens in week one).
  • 2nd stage is sleeping longer during the night (usually happens in week one-two).
  • 3rd stage is self-settling during the day (usually happens in week one-three).
  • 4th stage is linking cycles during the day and sleeping later than 5am (usually happens in week one-three & after 6+mths of age). 

This entire process can take up to three weeks (when implemented correctly). Some babies can learn in as little as a couple of nights and for other babies, it can take the full three weeks.

When done safely, co-sleeping can be a beautiful and bonding experience. However, due to your baby having such a close attachment to you and your bed, it’s best to move at a lot more slower pace in terms of sleep training. For this very reason, this program is not recommended for co-sleeping babies. Jennifer has a specific slower and much more gradual program designed for co-sleeping babies, which can be found HERE. If you feel strongly that your co-sleeping baby might be ok to follow this program, then reach out to Jennifer so she can personally assess you and your baby’s situation. There are always exceptions to the rule and if Jennifer feels your baby might benefit from this program, then she can help you.

Naps play a crucial role in a baby’s sleep routine. Jennifer’s program includes guidance on establishing consistent and healthy nap schedules. She will provide strategies to help your baby transition to age-appropriate nap routines and develop the ability to fall asleep independently for naps. Upon successfully completing the program, you will develop an understanding of how to interpret your baby’s distinct sleep cues, allowing you to put your baby down for a nap where they can settle with little to minimal fuss. Jennifer will also educate you on the best way to create a nap-friendly environment.

Absolutely! Jennifer has personally trained (and continues to train daily) the AI BabySleepBot to provide assistance and answer any questions you may have regarding the sleep training process. You can interact with the Bot just as you would with Jennifer herself. If, for any reason, you feel that you didn’t receive the desired answer or require additional guidance, you can directly message Jennifer by clicking HERE. She will be happy to provide further support and address any concerns you may have.

The distinction lies in Jennifer’s extensive experience, having worked closely with thousands of babies in intense 24-hour live-in roles. This hands-on involvement has shaped her approach to sleep training in a truly unique way – one that you won’t find online, in books or from other professionals in the field. Unlike programs that promote strict wake windows and rigid schedules, Jennifer recognises that babies, like adults, have diverse sleep patterns and durations. This program embraces that understanding. Jennifer will guide you in determining what is realistic and suitable for your individual baby. Each baby’s sleep needs can vary significantly. For example, one baby may thrive with only 2 hours of awake time, while another baby of the same age may do well with 4 hours of awake time. The same baby who can only manage 2 hours of awaketime might need 12 hours overnight, whereas the baby who can manage 4 hours of awaketime, might only need 9 – 10 hours overnight. It’s clear that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for all babies.

In addition to its high success rate, Jennifer’s program stands out because she excels at helping you understand and navigate your baby’s unique sleep requirements. By guiding you through the process and encouraging you to pay close attention to your baby’s individual needs, you will feel a profound sense of relief, knowing that their sleep patterns are perfectly normal for them. 

The choice of whether your baby stays in your bedroom or transitions to their own room for sleep training is entirely up to you and what works best for your family. If you prefer to have your baby in your room, we can still effectively teach them how to sleep well in that environment. However, it’s important to consider some factors. Having both adult and baby sleep cycles in the same room can sometimes lead to disturbances. Noises, movements, or even your presence might unintentionally disrupt your baby’s sleep. Additionally, if your baby is aware of your presence and actively seeks you out, it may cause them to wake up more frequently and rely on your presence for sleep.

If you decide to move your baby to their own room, sleep training can be a suitable time to make the transition. Jennifer can provide specific recommendations and guidance for room-sharing situations to facilitate a smoother sleep training experience. The ultimate goal is to create a sleep environment where your baby feels secure and can develop healthy sleep habits, whether that’s in your room or their own dedicated space.

Having worked in this field for over 20 years, Jennifer is often asked about the success rate of her programs. She is pleased to share that her success rate is very high – estimated to be around 98%. The remaining 2% typically consists of cases where medical issues arise during training, which is quite rare and has occurred only a handful of times her career. The remaining cases are often attributed to parents not fully understanding or consistently following the method. If you have a healthy baby and find that the program is not yielding the desired results, it is likely that the method is not being implemented correctly. 

As someone who genuinely cares about the outcome for all of her clients, if you find that this program is not working after 10 – 14 days, then it is recommend to transition to the Fully Comprehensive Remote Program.  In this program, you have frequent communication throughout the day, and Jennifer provides guidance at every step until your baby is sleeping soundly through the night. This personalised approach can often address any challenges and further enhance the chances of success.

If your baby is able to independently put the dummy back in their mouth then you can still use a dummy during sleep training. Jennifer understands that dummies can provide comfort to babies and may be part of their sleep routine. If you choose to continue using the dummy, Jennifer will provide strategies to ensure that it does not hinder your baby’s progress in learning to fall asleep independently.

However, if you prefer to remove the dummy altogether, Jennifer can guide you on how to wean your baby off the dummy if you choose to do so. The program aims to strike a balance between promoting healthy sleep habits and respecting your preferences and your baby’s needs.

Ultimately, the goal is to empower your baby to develop self-soothing skills and establish independent sleep habits. Jennifer will guide you on the best way to either keep or remove the dummy.

To fully benefit from the program and maximise your chances of success, a certain level of commitment is necessary. In short, you can expect to dedicate approximately one hour of your time initially. This includes spending time reading the provided material and listening to the accompanying recordings. It’s important to note that changing sleep habits and establishing new routines requires more than just the initial time commitment. It’s a process that requires ongoing dedication and consistency. Understanding the information provided and actively applying the recommended strategies is crucial for achieving positive results. It’s recommended to approach the program with patience, determination, and a willingness to actively participate in implementing the techniques. By investing your time and effort into understanding and applying the program’s principles, you significantly increase the likelihood of successfully improving your baby’s sleep. The program provides you with the necessary tools and guidance, but ultimately, it’s your commitment and active participation that will drive the desired changes in your baby’s sleep patterns.

The advantage of Jennifer’s program is that it offers gentle and gradual options in the initial stages of sleep training, which can provide more comfort for your baby. These steps aim to minimise distress and facilitate a smoother transition towards healthier sleep habits.

However, it’s important to understand that if your baby is determined and has developed deeply ingrained sleep habits over a long period, they may experience some crying and resistance when you introduce changes to improve their sleep patterns. This adjustment period typically lasts a few days as your little one learns the new way of falling asleep. It’s important to note that even after completing the training, it is common for babies to occasionally cry before falling asleep for naps and bedtime. The goal of the program is to teach your baby how to fall asleep independently within a 20 minute timeframe and sleep through the night. Rest assured, Jennifer will provide you with the tools and support you need to navigate this process with sensitivity and care.

You will have access to the program and Jennifer’s highly trained BabySleepBot for a duration of two months (60 days). While the sleep training process is typically completed within a two – three week period, Jennifer understands that life can sometimes present unexpected challenges, and you may need additional time to complete the training successfully.

Having two months of access allows you the flexibility to work at your own pace and ensures that you have ample time to fully utilise the program and seek guidance from the BabySleepBot whenever needed. Jennifer and the BabySleepBot will be there to support you throughout the entire duration, helping you achieve the desired results in your baby’s sleep journey.

Yes, Jennifer provides unique recommendations for creating an optimal sleep environment that may differ from common practices. These suggestions are designed to promote healthy sleep habits for your baby. By implementing these environmental factors, you can enhance your baby’s sleep quality and overall sleep experience.

Teething and developmental leaps can sometimes disrupt a baby’s sleep patterns. However, Jennifer’s program takes these factors into consideration. She will provide strategies to help you navigate through these challenging periods and how to support your baby’s sleep during teething or developmental leaps. The program aims to establish a solid foundation for healthy sleep habits, even during these temporary disruptions.

Absolutely! Once we have successfully established healthy sleep habits for your baby at home through the sleep training program, we can then introduce strategies to help your baby sleep better during overnight stays or holidays. These tactics are designed to ensure that your baby can maintain their improved sleep patterns even in unfamiliar environments. Jennifer will provide you with guidance and techniques to make the transition smoother and help your baby continue to enjoy restful sleep during your trips.

Restful nights and a healthier family!

If your baby is healthy, over four months old, and weighs at least six kilograms, they have the capacity to learn how to sleep through the night (with overnight feeds as necessary). Sleep is essential for growing babies, and teaching them healthy sleep habits can greatly contribute to their overall well-being. Moreover, it is equally important for the health, safety, and sanity of parents. Constant wake-ups throughout the night can be challenging for everyone involved.

By embarking on a DIY sleep training journey, you empower yourself as a parent to play an active role in teaching your baby the skills needed for restful sleep. This process can result in improved sleep patterns, enhanced self-soothing abilities, and more rejuvenating nights for the entire family. Restorative sleep is a gift that positively impacts everyone’s well-being and allows you to enjoy precious moments together during the day.

Don't miss to read our 600+ 5 star reviews!

“We tried so many sleep apps and online programs from different baby sleep consultants in Sydney but nothing worked for our 9-month-old baby.

The problem with the other programs was that they were pretty much all the same and didn’t take our baby’s own sleep needs into account. We realised we needed a tailored approach for our Bub. 

We looked for baby sleep programs in Sydney and found Jen. We spoke to Jen and she assured us her DIY approach would give us what we needed. Skeptical, we made the leap to buy another program. We were pleasantly surprised after listening to it. Even though Jen’s DIY program is aimed at doing everything on your own, it actually taught us how to read our baby’s needs rather than go on a standard routine that’s meant to work for all babies.

Our baby didn’t fit into the stock standard recommended routines from all the other programs we bought. Understanding how to read our baby has been a game changer and the main reason we are able to get our baby settling quickly at night now.

We were battling bedtimes for so long and with all the tips Jen taught us, this has become a thing of the past. After looking at so many other online apps and programs from different baby sleep consultants in Sydney, we can conclude that Jen’s DIY is much easier to understand and geared towards a tailored approach for each child. Highly recommended” 🙌💤

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